Pilot Plant Vessels

  • Custom small scale pilot plant vessels
  • Vessel R&D assistance
  • Serving the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical & food processing industries
  • Agitated, mechanical & magnetic

American Alloy Fabricators is experienced in the development of custom small scale pilot plant vessels for basic and applied process research and lab applications for the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and food processing industries.

It is our experience that allows us to assist in the refinement and engineering of a custom pilot plant vessel design. We work closely with clients during the development and manufacturing stages to ensure a small scale pilot plant vessel that our clients can count on to accurately emulate the conditions in the final production.

Advantages of Pilot Plant VesselsPilot plant vessel

Cost Savings
Identify and eliminate problems while still working in a small scale environment.

Design Refinement
Test your unique process and production requirements in an accurate, small scale simulation.