Who we are

Why Choose Us as Your Custom Process Equipment Company?

We’ll create a solution for your toughest process challenges.

American Alloy Fabricators specializes in the design and manufacture of custom, ASME-certified equipment for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, and food processing industries. As a specialty fabricator, American Alloy is large enough to handle custom fabrication requests of any size, yet small enough to provide the personal service you deserve and the quick turnaround you require.

american-alloy-fabricatorsAmerican Alloy has built a solid reputation in the process industries as a company deeply committed to fabricating first-class products, delivered to you on time. We are fully qualified to work with the various grades of stainless steel as well as Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, Alloy 20 and AL6XN.

Our welders are certified to the ASME Code and will perform all welding, using the appropriate procedures and equipment for your particular application. Pressure vessels will be designed, fabricated and stamped per Section VIII, Division I, of the ASME Code. American Alloy has the experience and expertise to transform your ideas into custom assemblies and apparatus that meet the specific needs of your process or plant.